Who we are

Independant business facilitator and platform dedicated to create direct synergy between producing and consuming parties among heavy industry raw materials, steel semi-finished / finished products and global commodities.

Our company activities

International consulting, brokerage and trading.
Trading services such as logistics, distribution and trade finance consulting.

Our environment

The global international markets wherever industry is in confirmed and faster development. Market concentration and developments, volatility and prices do imply more and more producers and end-users to be in closer contact to master better the supply and consuming chain.

Our concept

Increase liquidity on markets by promoting transactions in direct and/or through partnerships with mining & producing groups, traders & processors this supported by extensive international trading background. That move enables transactions to be closer to supply / demand and provides more flexibility and exchange (commercial and technical) between parties. It also aims to increase the flow and the frequency of trades, enhances the business creativity and moreover promotes longer term co-operationships.

Where we are

Ideally headquartered in one of the leading base raw material trading hub : Switzerland. Moreover to support our globalized services we have representatives in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, Australia , China and South Korea.



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